Youth Camp Cologne: Very tolerant

Participants of Dumela's tolerance test
„How tolerant are you, stupid?“ That has been the question on the International Youth Camp in Cologne 2007. Answers could be found on the „Tolerance Test“ of Dumela, an Germany based international assosciation that supports aid projects worldwide. By answering twelve questions the participants of the test could trace their own sense of tolerance. Almost all of the participants, which came amongst others from Sweden and Serbia, achieved good and very good test results. At the evaluation the team of Dumela could tell most of the youths „You are tolerant, that’s for sure“. Every participants who took his chance to take part in the test got a special designed pin. It says „Tolerance tested – Youth Camp 2007 Cologne“. At the bottom line, Dumela is satisfied with the outcome of its acivity. „Those youths who took part were very curios and thought a lot about our questions. That was our main target“, said one chairperson of Dumela. Dumela was founded in 2003 and has about 40 members in whole Germany. It has supported several project, like building an maintaining an AIDS center in Botswaan or renovating an primary school in Bosnia. All chairpersons and members are volunteers; they earn no money for their work for Dumela.