Funding Policies


Dumela e. V. is a German based registered charity association supported by many members and lead by a board of volunteers. Many people in Southern Africa greet each other by saying “Dumela!”. Our roots are in the cooperation between Germany and Botswana. Today we are supporting projects all around the world which help people to help themselves.

Which projects do we support?

  • Projects which help people to help themselves
  • No running expenses
  • Only Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) as project partners
  • Worldwide funding
  • No support of individuals

Focused funding sectors

  • Education
  • Coping with climate change
  • Emergency aid
  • Migration

What are we offering to our project partners?

  • Financial assistance
  • Long-term cooperation
  • Advertisement for the project
  • Experiences from other projects

What do we expect from our project partners?

By the time of application

  • Description of the project
  • Calculation of funding needs
  • Photos of the project or of the project partner
  • Presentation of the project partner
  • Contact persons

During the funding

  • Confirmation when funded amount is cashed and specification of the amount
  • Fast response when questions occur
  • Immediate notification of problems which may occur

After funding

  • Project report one month after the end of project, for long-term projects progress report three months after release of funding
  • Photos of the project
  • Exact line up of costs one month after end of project
  • Copies of all bills of expenses which are funded by Dumela e. V.
  • Proposal for further cooperation
Sounds good? We look forward to receiving a message from you!