The questions

Tolerance Test: Questions

What you should know: These questions belong to the Dumela’s tolerance test as can be visited and performed on the International Youthcamp Cologne in June 2007. At that „real“ test the participants collect one chip at each question station – either a white chip or a black chip. The amount of white and black chips will give the evaluation. For this online test we have displayed the „chips“ in bracktes behind each answer. That is, if you want to do the test online, you have to collect the „chips“ on your mind.

Poor people…

  1. …are to blame for their own poverty. (white)
  2. …are happier about the small things in life. (white)
  3. …all have their own stories about how they’ve become poor. (black)

The following is true:

  1. …Muslims are more religious than Christians. (white)
  2. Most Muslims would not shy away from plotting a terrorist attack. (white)
  3. Muslims align their religion to the Quran. (black)


  1. …can strike anyone. (black)
  2. …is a gay persons’ disease. (white)
  3. …is God’s punishment. (white)

To which nation do the attributes punctuality, diligence and orderliness most likely apply?

  1. Germany (white)
  2. Turkey (white)
  3. I can’t decide (black)

Which of the following statements is most likely correct?

  1. Men play soccer better than women. (white)
  2. Women are more sympathetic. (white)
  3. Men fill more executive positions than women. (black)

Which of the following statements is most likely correct?

  1. A man must support his family. (white)
  2. Men who weep are wimps. (white)
  3. Men like to cook, too. (black)

Which of the following statements is most likely correct?

  1. Africans are responsible for their own misery. (white)
  2. In Africa, everyone is good at singing and dancing. (white)
  3. In Africa, people earn on average less than in Germany. (black)

The participants of the International Youth Camp 2007…

  1. …are all strictly religious. (white)
  2. …all have their personal conception of faith. (black)
  3. …only want to be entertained. (white)


  1. …don’t go to church anymore. (white)
  2. …take more care of other people. (white)
  3. …and Jews and Muslims all have common religious roots. (black)

Juvenile delinquents

  1. …always have a difficult family background. (white)
  2. …come from all social levels. (black)
  3. …have become criminals because they hang out with the wrong crowd. (white)


  1. …should not be allowed to have kids. (white)
  2. …are very unfeminine. (white)
  3. …are suppressed in most countries. (black)


  1. …are a minority. (black)
  2. …are the most handsome men. (white)
  3. are perverts. (white)

Many thanks to Hubertus Tessar who did a great job translating the questions as well as the evaluation from German to English.